David Cole

David Cole has worked at the intersection of education, publishing, and technology for more than 15 years, much of that time with Pearson PLC, first as an employee, then as an independent consultant with the Pearson Foundation. A former English teacher, he's worked on content management systems, mobile tools and collaboration platforms for classrooms and professional development networks, digital media projects, after-school initiatives, program design for museums, STEM2STEAM projects, internships and service learning, and teacher training. Most recently in San Francisco, he's been responsible for the development of Plan Ahead, SFUSD's 9th grade college and career readiness course, created through a sustained public-private partnership between the school district, the Pearson Foundation, Gap Inc., and Hirsch & Associates. Currently he's focusing on a new project with local non-profit, NEXMAP.org (new experimental music, art and production), exploring 21st Century Notebooking and the possibilities for paper and electronics, art and science, and next generation learning in the classroom.