Q. How do I find out what courses you're currently offering?

A. Our current courses are all outlined here

Q. Are your programs only available to Sonoma State University students?

A. No. Both the Entrepreneurial Educator MOOC and the Maker Educator Certificate Program are available to the community at large. In fact, that's what The Startup Classroom is all about: breaking out of the four walls of a classroom to open up the dialog about education for the entire community.

Q. I live outside the Bay Area. Can I still take the Maker course?

A. Currently Course #2 (Introduction to Making) is available as an online course. While the entire Certificate Program is not currently available, you are definitely free to take this course. Go here for more information. 

Q. I'd love to learn more about getting involved. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do?

A. Absolutely. We're always happy to help people learn how to get involved. We have a lot of tips here.