Kaki McLachlan

Kaki McLachlan has been a teacher at White Hill Middle School in Fairfax for the past three years. She teaches Life Science and enjoys finding ways to bring technology, engineering and math into as many lessons as she can. Last year, she helped kick off the new White Hill STEAM team by bringing in a Digital Media class where students create dynamic multimedia projects and learn to use their digital tools in more sophisticated ways. She also teaches every 6th grader how to best utilize the tech tools available to them on campus while also focusing on digital citizenship techniques.

Kaki received both her MA in Education and her teaching credential at Sonoma State. Last year, she helped create an Local Open Online Course (LOOC) with fellow educators (many you will meet in this class) to help encourage professionals in Marin and Sonoma counties to better understand the issues and best practices of using technology in an educational setting. She was awarded the PBS Digital Innovator Award in 2014 and is excited to continue to create and make and learn!

Courses taught by Kaki McLachlan

Introduction to Making- Online Course