Education and Business Learning Together


The Startup Classroom is a collaboration between the Sonoma State University School of Education and School of Business and Economics,  bridging the best ideas of teachers and entrepreneurs together to forge a new path for student success.

Innovation is brewing at Sonoma State University-both with a burgeoning Entrepreneurial Movement, with educators passionate to demonstrate the interdependency among education and business and create teachers and students ready to discover and integrate their dreams with economic realities.

The days of the world of education and the world of business being seen as separate and even competing entities is gone.  There is so much that education can learn from business-based entrepreneurial thinking and there is so much that business can learn from education and philosophies of learning.  In fact just referring to these fields separately is, in itself, limiting and quite an outdated notion.

Truly successful people understand their passions and talents and have the ability to see themselves as having unlimited potential.  At the same time they must align themselves to the realities of the world economically.

The Team

Meet the people behind The Startup Classroom.


Carlos Ayala

Dean, School of Education


William Silver

Dean, School of Business and Economics


Jessica K. Parker

Associate Professor of Education

School of Education


Mark Nelson

Entrepreneur in Residence

School of Business and Economics


Paul Porter

Professor of Education

School of Education